FAQ'S and Resources


Why do psychotherapy?


            Scott Peck wrote in The Road Less Traveled “Life is difficult.”  Life will always involve problems to be faced and dealt with.  Psychotherapy is called for when the problems one is facing goes beyond ones usual resources to cope and address those life problems.  Everyone feels some depression at some point in their life.  But when depression goes deep enough or goes on long enough to interfere with your life, it is probably time to get some psychotherapy.  All marriages encounter difficult times.  But when the marriage has been stuck for a while, and despite your best efforts things are getting worse rather than better, it is probably time to get help from a therapist. 
            In fact, most issues in life are dealt with more effectively before they grow into a huge problem.  The sooner we work through problems in our lives, the sooner we get on the road to a truly joy-filled life.


What should I expect in when coming into counseling?


            The first few sessions will be about sharing your goals for counseling and doing assessment work to get to know you in the quickest way. The assessments may include a general intake questionaire, a personality profile, and other assessments that may be deemed necessary. The assessments are an extra fee.

           After the assessments a treatment plan is made with recommendations for therapy.