Welcome to Renee Madison's counseling website. She is connected with The Intimacy Center. This is a counseling center serving metropolitan Denver area and Northern Colorado.


Renee Madison believes that God meets us at our place of struggle and gives us the power of grace and love.

In intimate relationships we experience acceptance, peace, and joy. By calling people into community where they will experience shame lifted, hope restored, and growth supported. When we are broken in relationship it is other healthier relationships that can help heal us, like refreshing, living water.


Renee Madison, MA, LPC, CSAT and The Intimacy Center provides a place where it is safe to share your pain, confusion and secrets.


» Monday - Westminster Office
9 am - 2 pm


» Tuesday - Loveland Office
9 am - 3 pm

» Wednesday -Westminster Office
10 am - 9 pm


» Thursday -Westminster Office
10 am - 9 pm


» Friday -Loveland Office
9 am - 3 pm















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