Sexual Abuse / Sexual Trauma


Have you been subjected to incest, molestation, or rape?
Do the after-effects of abuse continue to interfere with your life?
Have you had other painful sexual experiences in your life?
Have you lost interest in sex because sex has not been safe in the past?
Are you being sexually abused now by a spouse or loved one?


Incest or molestation comes in many forms: from physical contact to inappropriate looks, from physically violent to "loving", from exposure to pornography to being coerced to participate in it.  No matter which form it takes, the injury always causes a significant wound that results in hurt, shame, and distrust.  When a child is betrayed by an adult or an older child, that child learns that the world is not a safe place and it isn’t safe to be vulnerable to others.  But our God-given needs for intimacy drives us toward intimate relationships.  The result is we try to get our love needs met without risking being emotionally vulnerable.  Our defenses keep others at a distance, which hurt and frustrate our loved ones.  Or we numb out our own feelings as we try to meet the needs of others. 


If you experienced a violation of your sexual boundaries when you were growing up, the likelihood is that you experience internal conflict and difficulties in relationships as an adult. Therapy can help heal old wounds, restore a sense of self, and improve how you relate to others.


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